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Re: Help!

Subject: Re: Help!
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 18:34:28 -0400
Yes Lyle does have one of the original 5 LHD V8s - his son Andy drives it now.
Andy took me for a ride in it down in West Virginia last summer - wow!!!
100MPH on the on ramp to the Interstate - UPHILL.

: ) FUN!!!

Another original Rhd v8 resides just 5 miles from me - Richard Miller's.

74 BGT
61 MGA 1600

Bullwinkle wrote:

> Andy:
> I believe Lyle York has one of the original 5 LHD V8s produced.
> He got it without the V8 engine, but before it came to the USA,
> friends in the UK found and put in an original engine.

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