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Re: Turn Signals no work!

To: Scott Allen <>
Subject: Re: Turn Signals no work!
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2001 20:04:40 -0400

     I'm unsure of whether this would apply to a '74 1/2, but on a '77B the feed
for the turn signals goes through the Hazard Warning Switch.  Sometimes this
switch balks at feeding the turn signals and needs to be flipped a few times to
clean up the contacts.  This is probably the simplest possible fix.  Most
anything else will take some wire tracing.  In the '77 the turn signal flashers
are located behind the glovebox, but are accessible.  The one for the turn
signals has a green wire feeding it, the hazard flasher is another color 
purple) and always 'hot'.  If you swap the 'hot' wire from the hazard flasher to
the turn signal flasher, it'll let you operate the turn signals without the
ignition being on.  If that works, it's a good indication that you're losing
power to the turn signal circuit and that the parts are okay.

Hope this helps,

Scott Allen wrote:

> All,
> As the subject says, the turn signals on my 74 1/2 BGT have stopped working.
> I replaced the wiper/od switch today, and while I was at it I tested the
> turn signal switch and it is fine.
> Fuses are also intact.
> Any suggestions as to where I should start looking?  Does the left and right
> signal use the same relay?
> Thanks in advance,
> Scott Allen
> 74 1/2 BGT
> 52 TD
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