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Re: Turn Signals no work!

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Subject: Re: Turn Signals no work!
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Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 09:45:07 +0100
If you don't find the fault is in the hazard switch as Bud suggests, or if
you don't have a hazard switch, check with a test lamp or meter on the two
terminals of the turn flasher unit (which operates both sides), which is
usually located inside the cabin on the drivers side of the bulkhead.  It is
a rectangular box with two wires - a green and light-green brown.  You
should have 12v on both these with the ignition on, if they don't you have a
disconnection back towards the green fuse (2nd one up in the 2- or 4-way
fuse block).  Now put a turn signal on and test again.  If they still show
12v then you have a disconnection on the light-green/brown forward to the
turn switch.  If the voltage drops to nothing or nearly so on both wires
then you have a bad connection back towards the green fuse.  If you have 12v
on the green but not the light-green/brown the turn flasher is bad.

The above assumes that neither side is working, and none of the turn lamps
even light when you operate the turn switch.


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> Any suggestions as to where I should start looking?  Does the left and
> signal use the same relay?

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