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MGA Fog Lamp wiring assistance needed

To: "MG List" <>
Subject: MGA Fog Lamp wiring assistance needed
From: Steve Morris <>
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2001 23:19:37 -0400
Hi gang,

Nice weather here in northern Ohio today, so I finally got around to 
installing the fog lamp I got for Christmas on my MGA. I need some wiring 
assistance from anyone who might be familiar with this lamp.

I ordered the Moss #162-800 Fog Lamp assembly through Jeff. I knew the 
wiring harness for the headlamps contained the pigtail for the fog lamp, 
but I made the assumption that there was enough to reach the fog lamp. 
Nope, just the male bullet connector. The Moss, VB, and SF catalogs show 
the wiring in the fog lamp, one to the bulb, and I'm assuming one for the 
ground. Were there supposed to be wires with the lamp assembly?

I know that the lamp wire is red with a yellow tracer. However, I don't 
have any bullet connectors or the double ended connector to hook up my 
short jumper wire. Anyone have a suggestion as to what to look for 
locally that mates with the bullet connector? I don't think my local auto 
parts chain is going to have a mating piece. I thought a boat trailer 
connector was the same, but it is slightly smaller, so the bullet won't 

Otherwise, I need  to order a selection of male and female connectors. 
not enough to justify shipping, so I'll have to find something else I 
need, too! 


Steve Morris     Avon, Ohio
1958 MGA 1500    Red/Black
NAMGAR #5987     BuckAyes Ohio Chapter
LoCo Brits       <mailto:>

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