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Re: Engine compartment

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Subject: Re: Engine compartment
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Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 09:24:23 +0100
Of course - excuse my 'marsupial moment'.

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> At 04:17 PM 4/8/2001 +0100, wrote:
> >There's been a couple of statements lately of this, plus the panel under
> the heater was black.  Neither seem to be borne out by photos in
> Since it would require additional steps to paint these parts black after
> the body was sprayed, ....
> Not talking about the heater shelf.  They be talking about the panel on
> front face of the frame below the heater shelf.  This was painted black
> along with the frame before the body was installed.  I seem to have missed
> the earlier posts, but I presume we be talking about earlier MGs with body
> on frame construction, not the MGB or late Midgets with unibody
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