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Tr*umph steering box slop

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Subject: Tr*umph steering box slop
From: "Badeker, Andy" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 12:34:50 -0500
Ladies and Gentlemen of the List:
Yes, ideally, this should go to the Triumph list, but I'm an MGA owner
asking for help on behalf of my TR3-owning father, so maybe a couple of you
mixed-marque families can enlighten me/us:
The previous owner of this 3 went through the steering box, judging from all
the Roadster Factory receipts, but my dad can't adjust all the slop out of
the system without binding.  Though I wouldn't expect TR3 steering to be
rack-and-pinion precise, this was pretty alarming (to me) in the curves,
with maybe 1.5-2 inches, circumferentially, of play in the steering wheel
before the road wheels would pay attention. I got used to it, sort of, but
we're pretty sure this can be cured: Dad's first 3, back in '66, didn't do
this, as he recalls.
He's reluctant to take off the front apron to get at the allegedly rebuilt
box. But if he does, and the box checks out, what else is likely to be
responsible for the slop? There's no steering column U-joint. New wires, new
hubs, tight suspension: Most everything else on the car was conscientiously
Any suggestions?
Andy Badeker 

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