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Head swap latest - oil everywhere!

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Subject: Head swap latest - oil everywhere!
From: scott beavis <>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 16:25:24 +0100
I'm half way through. Planned to do it all last night, but got the old head
off and then started drinking homebrew beer in the garage and then gave up
and went inside. :-)

Took the old head off and realised that the el cheapo crappy head gasket I'd
used before was one of those gummed cardboard types which sticks to the
block face. Argh! Only metal sheet on one side. Much scraping and gasket
removing spray. Lots of 'stuff' went down the bores/pushrodholes/waterholes.
Not good. I think the new gasket is the same crappy type too. Came from the
local auto factors (Camberley Auto Factors). I was lucky they had MG bits in
there, as they tend to do modern cars. Didn't want to mail order a gasket as
risks bending/damage. Should have got a decent one at the last show. Anyway,
got the head off. No blown gasket, but LOTS of oil all over the gasket on
the carb/pushrod side. Also lots of oil sitting on top the pistons (dispite
being driven ~1 hour earlier. Photos were taken, will scan soon. This
suggests a majorly warped head. I think the oil was from the pushrod holes.
It's like the head wasn't even clamped down around here and oil was just
running into the bores. Plugs 2/3/4 were VERY black and sooty. 1 was ok /
light brown. This is all odd, as I thought it was WATER not oil which was
going through the engine. I assumed the gasket had blown bore to water way
as it had done before. No sign of this though.

So....I just hope the new head is ok. Do blocks warp? I will try to find a
nice flat bar of metal and test the old head's straightness.

I'll let you know how it all goes.


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