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Re: License plate lamp...

Subject: Re: License plate lamp...
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 22:23:58 EDT

Kelvin is right that can be done and I thought about that too when I replied 
to you, but figure it was still stock.  But that is worth a try.    The base 
that Kelvin gave you the number for is a Ba9s, you should be able to dig one 
up locally.

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<< Subj:     RE: License plate lamp...
 Date:  4/11/01 12:00:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time
 From: (Dodd, Kelvin)
 To: ('The Sinclairs'),
    Ok, I bit.  I checked stock.  The 170-300 is equivalent to a Lucas
 LLB207, which is a pretty big 5W light bulb.  This is correct for the
 licence plate lamp assembly that bolts to the rear over-rider as used on the
 63-69 MGB.
    If your bulb holder is smaller, it's possible that someone
 substituted an map light socket or entire assembly from a 63-67 MGB.  It is
 a similar looking assembly, but takes a smaller bulb.  The 170-100 (LLB233)
 fits the map light socket.  Swaps like this are fairly common if a car has
 been restored, as the licence light assemblies tend to rust and the map
 light assemblies don't.
 Good luck.
 Kelvin >>

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