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Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 19:26:21 -0700
on 4/11/01 7:06 PM, Steve Morris at wrote:

> Gotta ask this again, as there were zero responses, and if I'me going to
> order a new part, I'd like to get one on order. Here's the edited version:
I am not an MGA guy, so I don't know specifics, but...

> The first surprise was a bright thin worn edge where the #2 exhaust valve
> had been making very slight contact with the top of the head. I would say
> no more than .005 inches deep. Sounds like there wasn't enough valve
> clearance, but is it that close with standard parts? I've seem Barney's
> web page on how to grind clearance for a high lift cam, but this one is
> supposedly standard. Maybe the valve was partially opened all the time,
> which sure wouldn't help much!
This is very suspicious. I think I would replace the valve in case the stem
is bent. I would also compare it carefully with the other exhaust valves to
make sure some DPO didn't replace a burned valve with one that didn't quite

As long as you have the head off, you might consider installing hardened
valve seats.
> I also found the vacuum tube between the carb and the dizzy was just a
> loose slip fit at the joint below that thingy in the middle of the tube
> assembly (What is that thingy, anyway? An accumulator?) Any suggestion
> for reconnecting this joint for someone who does a lousy job with a
> soldering gun? Super glue? JB Weld? Duct tape? <g>

I believe this dingus is actually a spark arrester. The purpose was to keep
a manifold backfire from toasting the vacuum advance diaphragm (which seems
rather unlikely, but ???). Any fix which can hold vacuum should do it. You
could cut the metal tube and add a segment of rubber vacuum hose (as the DPO
did to mine long ago). Or I would think JB Weld would work.
> Steve
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