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Thanks for oil leak advice

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Subject: Thanks for oil leak advice
From: "Louis Mehr (EML)" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 10:40:58 +0200
Hi MG and Sprite World,

1/ Many thanks to all who advised concerning my oil leak problem.

The source of the leak ...

I whipped off the carbs and heat shield to find traces of the black sticky oil 
spray around the bolt securing the lower right hand cover on the cylinder 
block.  There must have been a fair amount of pressure behind this leak at it 
had sprayed around over the exhaust and chassis.  I removed the bolt, inpected 
it then replaced it.  The Moss catalogue indicates that a rubber washer is 
missing.  I'll get one next time I place an order with Moss. 

2/ Next job is to swap over the handed rear wire spoke hubs as each is fitted 
to the wrong side i.e. LH is on RHS and RH is on LHS.  Which is easier - swap 
the extensions or swap the halfshafts ?  Anyone got any pictures ?


Louis Mehr
1971 AH Sprite 
England, UK

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