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"some bl**dy red" + block paint / head latest

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Subject: "some bl**dy red" + block paint / head latest
From: scott beavis <>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 09:57:10 +0100
>to paint the engine he said "some bloody red!"  So they did

I painted the block (well some of it) with nice gloss red lacquer last
night. Much better than black IMHO. What was interesting was that before
painting it I scrubbed the block clean with petrol and a paintbrush and
there was *definitely* red paint under the black paint. This red paint was
quite light in colour (almost orange, and no, it isn't rust!) and seemed to
be the original factory block paint. The black paint looked like it had been
painted on later by a PO and was flaking off. You can usually tell the
factory paint from other paint as the factory paint seems thinner and more
'grainy'. Like it was sprayed on rather than thickly brushed on. Anyone know
how they painted the blocks? Surely not dipped. Doubt also some poor worker
stood there and painted each one with a brush. My MG's PO claimed the engine
was original and had never been out. Could this red/orange paint be some
sort of undercoat to the black? I have a feeling the PO got the black paint
out at some point as the stat housing and expansion tank are painted black
(or is this normal).

Will be fitting the new head tonight hopefully. Will take some photos too.


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