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Re: Weber DGV's in MGB's

To: Konrad Crist <>
Subject: Re: Weber DGV's in MGB's
From: "R. O. Lindsay" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 08:14:53 -0500
Konrad Crist wrote:

> Without being criticized too badly ... does anyone have any helpful,
> specific tuning and setup advice (or links, references, etc.) concerning
> getting a Weber DGV carburettor working properly on a '72 MGB? I am
> rebuilding the HIFs and will run the weber this year. (I am curious to see
> the difference between them.)

   Here's my two cents, based upon what I have learned from
experience and the comments of a few kind souls here on the
   The DGV is not a 'power' carb.  Rather, it is an economical
and trouble free replacement for the stock setup.  Basically,
it is not adjustable and like most Webers, it's performance is
set by selecting the correct (read: best) jets for the application,
altitude, etc..  That, IMHO, is what you need to know; the
correct jets for your application.  While this info is available in
a number of places, Pierce Manifold (web site out there somewhere)
I have found, is quite helpful.
   I have a DGV on my '79 B and the stock HS4 SUs on the '70
B-GT.  Both perform fine but the DGV does need a rebuild just
to clean it out.
   I will send you some detailed info privately.


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