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Re: Testing stuff.

To: "S & M Barnes" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Testing stuff.
From: "Dave Munroe" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 14:14:30 -0300
Hey Mike;

I had an ANSA header on my car, (now have a big-bore Maniflow) and it
wouldn't come off the car without moving the rack either. But its really no
big deal. Mark the lower column where it goes into the u-joint so you can
get it back in the same spline, remove the bolts holding the rack in, and
just pull it forward. It will come plenty far enough to get it out of the
u-joint and then you can swing it up and out of the way of the header.

The first time you pull the rack is the worst, but once you've got it out of
there, you can re-mount it with lots of anti-seize and next time its a piece
of cake. Yu will find plenty of reasons in the future to pull that rack out
of there.

Bite the bullet,


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