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MGA leak

To: <>
Subject: MGA leak
From: "swillis" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 21:30:39 -0500
I have a beautifully rebuilt engine that is running great, yet the thing sat
for years after rebuild and has some leaks. It is leaking around the main
front felt seal of the timing cover at the crank shaft. I installed a new felt
seal. Still leaks bad. I ordered an MGB timing cover from Paul and those swell
folks at British Motor Parts in Madisonville KY (Tons of NOS and original
parts. Open house April 21 with free burgers!), installed a new RUBBER seal
and am ready to install on motor. There is one problem. The timing teeth from
the MGA timing cover are not on the MGB cover. I was thinking of painting the
notches on this MGB cover in case I needed to reset timing. Will I need to
reset timing? Do I need to worry? Any better ideas?   Also, thanks for all the
tips on my windshield rubber seal!
59 MGA
73 T140 Bonnie

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