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Re: vintage plates

Subject: Re: vintage plates
From: David Councill <>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 20:28:54 -0600
At 08:05 PM 4/12/01 -0400, wrote:
>Mr. Council,
>Now that is a nice plate!  Far better than our Historic Vehicle Michigan
>plates that you can only drive the cars for shows, events and holidays
>(legally that is and of course we would always abide by the law ;))

The one downside to the plate, which I was reluctant to mention, was that 
the car is not supposed to be used for "general transportation." The intent 
is that the car is a collector car, used for shows and events. Naturally, 
my interpretation is that the car is not my everyday ("general"?) 
transportation . However, the car is for "show" and to be seen, it has to 
be driven. So it still makes it to work and occasional errands about once a 
week. Maybe that is a fine line, but overall the car gets about 2000 miles 
a year on it, not much at all. One reason for the low mileage is due to the 
fact that I have several other cars to split driving dutes.

Once summer gets here, it won't get much use at all. My soft top Toyota 
Landcruiser and my TR7 convertible will become the workhorses. The TR7, 
however, will be up for sale shortly to fund the rebirth of my 72B, slated 
for spring 2002.


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