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Re: Can I Vent?

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Subject: Re: Can I Vent?
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Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 20:25:06 -0400
Huh? Never tried to pull an engine with the manifolds still bolted to the
head, I always wondered what that would be like. Always just seemed to be
easier to undo them first.


Sorry don't really mean to be sarcastic.1

On 4/11/01 6:41 PM, "Jon Lind" <> wrote:

> Yep--I've been there.  I bought a motor and a car seperately, got the
> engine into the bay, got the exhaust bolted up, then drove to a nearby
> Midas where I paid like $300 (way too much, IMO) to have a custom
> exhaust built from the header back.  It wasn't until I was having the
> main seal replaced that I discovered that the turkey had just welded the
> exhaust to the header's flange.  Makes it almost impossible to pull the
> engine, of course.  Stuff like that makes me furious.
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> About DPOs!
> Then I found it, went to separate the exhaust from the manifold, we have
> a
> Monza exhaust on the car which is OK, the problem is that it has been
> welded
> directly onto a four into one manifold of some kind - the first clamped
> joint
> is somewhere under the drivers seat, there ain't no way that is coming
> out of
> there easily!

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