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Corrupting Influence

To: MG List <>
Subject: Corrupting Influence
From: S & M Barnes <>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 18:14:35 -0500
That's what I was accused of being today anyway!

Started working on the car today and my 10 year old step-daughter announced
she wanted to help. OK then, things are going to take a little longer than I
was hoping - so I thought!

I couldn't have been more wrong, show her which bellhousing bolts I needed to
undo to get the engine out, she grabbed the correct spanners off the rack and
got to it! Turned out I had to do the initial crack as 10 year old muscles
weren't up to that but once the nuts were loose she was straight in there!

OK, engine was pulled quickly, car was lifted onto jack stands and we started
on the front suspension. Again I had to give the nuts and bolts their first
tweak, after she had pulled the split pins out, then she got to work. We did
one side of the car each, she now knows how to safely remove MG front springs
and how to "tap gently with a soft faced mallet" (smack the heck out of it!)
where necessary.

Front suspension was completely stripped in record time, we moved to the back,
dropped the springs and pulled the axle, again, one side each and again in
record time. All we need to do now is clean and paint everything then put it
all back together with new rubber throughout, all mechanical components are in
perfect condition. The only parts I am going to replace just because are the
wheel bearings, I would rather know they are good than hope thay are good.

Anyway, a good day's work and another generation forever hooked on tinkering
with LBCs!

Cheers all


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