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Re: Club Membership (was Re: Very Interesting)

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Subject: Re: Club Membership (was Re: Very Interesting)
From: "Bill Schooler" <>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 19:18:36 -0400
It's my understanding that the MGCC Centre in Sydney has a membership of
some 1300 folks.  Including Sir Jack Brabham.  Hell, I'm impressed!

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Subject: Re: Club Membership (was Re: Very Interesting)

> At 08:19 PM 4/14/2001 +0000, Eric wrote:
> >....
> >.... my local MG Car Club has over 600 members.  Now remember that this
> the club for the WHOLE State of South Australia (.... a population of just
> 1.5 million).
> >
> >.... would this size club be considered LARGE by standards elsewhere?
> >....
> Yup, that's a pretty large "local" club by anyone's standards.  Just that
> it doesn't sound exactly "local".
> Here in the Chicago, Illinois, USA area we have a bit larger population
> base that can be considered "local".  The city of Chicago alone is nearly
> 2.8 million people, with about that many more people residing in the
> surrounding counties within 50 miles or so.  The Chicagoland MG Club
> currently has a membership a little short of 400, but we are not the only
> club around.  There are at least two dozen single mark British car clubs
> the Chicago area.  Additionally there are several other MG clubs dedicated
> to single models.  Some folks prefer a smaller club and attention more
> directly to their particular model, and we do have that type of diversity
> here.
> This used to be the Chicagoland MGB Club, a single model focus group.
> About five years ago the club officially removed the "B" from the name and
> is now actively soliciting the participation of all MG enthusiasts as a
> single mark club.  Since then the club has been growing by leaps and
> bounds, more than doubling in size and still growing rapidly.  Given a few
> more years, I suspect it will exceed the membership of your "local" club.
> Still, given your ratio of membership number to the population,  I suppose

> our local club would need four or five thousand members to be comparable
> yours, which is not likely to ever happen, so I take my hat off to the
> enthusiasm of your "local" group.
> Barney Gaylord
> Editor and Webmaster
> Chicagoland MG Club

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