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Re: Freeze plugs

Subject: Re: Freeze plugs
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 13:58:01 -0700
The way you described is the only way I know how to do them.  I've never had 
one leak.  I usually 
put a little gasket sealer in the ridge just for good measure. In theory the 
plug gets pushed into 
the ridge so tight that the sealer wouldn't do anything, but it makes me feel 
better anyway.  One 
thing is for sure, make sure the ridge in the block is completely clean, all it 
would take is a 
small piece of something hard to prevent a good seal.

Hope this helps,
'72 B

Dennis wrote:

What's the technique for installing freeze plugs?  Usually I'll have the
machine shop put them in for me.  My buddies block came back without
them.  I've always tapped them in and then whacked em in the middle with
the ball end of a ball peen hammer putting a small dent in the middle.
I've never had one leak from the machine shop but I've had a couple leak
that I've done.

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