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Re: Guage rebuilds

Subject: Re: Guage rebuilds
From: David Councill <>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 19:05:19 -0600
I'd have to second this. I had MoMa repair a temperature/oil pressure gauge 
for me - they were quick and relatively inexpensive. I had both them and 
Nisonger give me quotes on various gauge repairs last year and Moma was a 
little less expensive. Amother plus is that you can contact them first by 
email to get details on cost and turn around at -


At 07:32 PM 4/15/01 -0400, wrote:
>You should consider, MOMA. ABQ. NEW MEXICO. Ph. 1.505-766-6661
>I have had the speedometers overhauled and recalibrated for two differant
>MGBs by this company. They did a first class job quickly and inexpensively.
>Highly recomended.

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