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Re: Car Insurance Question

To: "Donald Markham" <>
Subject: Re: Car Insurance Question
From: David Councill <>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 19:21:03 -0600
There was a fairly long discussion last year as a matter of fact. Hagerty 
ended up getting several new customers from the list, including me. Details 
of their insurance, including stipulations and costs, can be researched at

However, avoid using the expression "daily driving" with classic car 
insurance.  These policies are designed for show cars that are seldom 
driven - the idea is that the car is mostly used for car shows and other 
limited driving. Hagerty claims they are not quite as restrictive, allowing 
occasional use for errands. Other insurance companies offer classic car 
insurance but restrict it to shows and round trips with absolutely no 
parking and no trips to work.

Hagerty will require you to have another car that is your "daily" driver 
with standard insurance. They almost didn't insure me when I told the first 
agent that I might drive my car to work maybe once a week. The cost of the 
policy is less than half what I paid for the previous standard car policy, 
liability only. With Hagerty, I have my 67BGT under full coverage amd 
insured at agreed upon value of $4000. A standard car policy would consider 
the car's value to be much less, although I know now that there are ways to 
prove otherwise.


At 06:10 PM 4/14/01 -0500, you wrote:
>There was some discussion on the list awhile back about the various types of
>classic car insurance that everyone is using, I am looking to insure my MGB
>GT but want an insurance that allows daily driving if I decide to. Can
>anyone give me some suggestions.
>Don Markham

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