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Re: New owners information

Subject: Re: New owners information
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 10:38:49 -0400

Personally I'd rather pay more for a car without rust, particularly in this 
area (I live in central NH), but if you are okay rebuilding it, the price 
isn't too out of line.  Or, if I misinterpreted and it is rust free, then 
that sounds good (keeping in mind I've never seen the car).

Where in NH are you?  On the coast?  Nashua/Manchester?  I'd say Brit Bits 
is best in the area.  There's also someone east of Concord, I think it's 
Brit Tek, that sells rebuild kits, but they don't have a showroom.  You can 
probably get better prices if you scrounge around looking for them, but I 
like to work with Brit Bits as I can drive out there and see the store and 
they can see my car.  Prices are less than Moss, and it's more personal.

Good luck!

- Tab

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