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Subject: Re: New owners information
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Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 10:17:16 -0500
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Subject: New owners information

> In addition, I want to change the dash from the bulvous head protector! to
> an original metal dash.....
> will the dash fit?
> Where is the best place in my area to get one?
> Can I use the old dials etc?
> Will all the electrical connections fit ok without modification?
> and lastly, is there anything unique about the 1996 model that I should be
> aware of?
Yes , they had a distinct bulvous head protector dash, flat head rests
instead of the D shape headrests , the horn was on the steering column lever
instead of the middle of the steering wheel and a vinyl padded radio console
with only carpet and an ash tray on the tranny tunnel.  These are all pulled
up from Lucas memory so it is bound to have a few glitches, but they are
very fond memories of the two 69s that I once had, many years ago.
I personally wouldn't change a thing on it. Most of the things mentioned
were only a 2 year run characteristic of these cars. Thats why I remember
them so well, they were a little different.   Can I have your bulvous dash
when your done with it?

Have Fun,   Mark

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