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still having troubles

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Subject: still having troubles
From: "René C.M. van Maanen" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 15:57:31 +0200

About one month ago I mailed the list about the trouble I have with the 1800
GT engine.

The problem was that it the engine made a noise like it was pingin heavily,
when increasing RPM.

I first thought it was the big end bearings, so I replaced these and also
the oil pump, since the rotors did not look to good to me. But...... still
having troubles. Pinging sound.

What I have determined so far:
I have some underpreasure in the engine. When I remove the oil filler cap, I
can feel the under preasure and as soon as I remove the cap, the engine
starts running faster, say from 700 to 1200 rpm.

The engine shakes heavily when idling.

When removing the # 3 and 4 spark plug cap, nothing happens. The engine runs
like before removing them.
-when removing either #1 or #2, the engine dies-

I checked the # 3+4 carb, all looks OK. Including the floatlevel. It has
fuel in it.

When removing the #3 or #4 sparkplug, I can feel the compression, but not
smell any fuel.

Where can I look next? Where does the underpreasure come from?

Thanks in advance. Rene

Reni van Maanen
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