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no power to fuel pump

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Subject: no power to fuel pump
From: "Malcolm Jeffcock" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 21:02:50 -0300
I ahve been restoring a 74 B and have it mechanically sound. Arrangements were
made for painting so I was removing all lights,chrome etc so as to deliver a
"bare" car to shop and save $. To get at bumpers to remove I had backed car
onto ramps and proceeded to remove everything at back end. I started it up to
drive off ramps, moved ramps to the front and tried to drive up ramps with
front wheels and the car died.  when I turn the key no "clicking" from pump. I
checked with a volt meter and cannot get any indication of power at pump. Did
it share a ground with any of the rear lights by chance? BUT if its a ground
wouldn't I get a reading of power by putting meter Z"red" on positive and
grounding the "black" against the chasis?

Since I am to deliver the car on Saturday I have one night to solve the the way the pump was new in October and has run less tha 25
hours. Thanks in advance,

                Malcolm in Nova Scotia

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