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Re: no power to fuel pump

To: "Malcolm Jeffcock" <>
Subject: Re: no power to fuel pump
From: "Brent Schwartz" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 20:59:07 -0500
Malcolm Jeffcock wrote:

> front wheels and the car died.  when I turn the key no "clicking" from pump. I
> checked with a volt meter and cannot get any indication of power at pump. Did
> it share a ground with any of the rear lights by chance? BUT if its a ground
> wouldn't I get a reading of power by putting meter Z"red" on positive and
> grounding the "black" against the chasis?

I played a similar game with mine.  I don't know about '74, but mine a '77
has an intertia switch under the dash.  Looks like a tube with a button on top.
Every once in a while the switch needs a reset.  Push the button on top and
check the harnes for power at the pump.

P.S. In fact I just had to push the button today on the way home from work.
It is item number 256 on my top 200 things still to replace on the car.... :-)


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