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Re: Header/Exhaust Combo's

To: "Greg Bass" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Header/Exhaust Combo's
From: "Dave Munroe" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 22:19:05 -0300

I had a complete ANSA system on my car ('74 CB) from the race headers to the
twin outlet muffler at the back end. The header was tight to the block and
the fit was excellent everywhere. Sounded great as well, although as it got
more miles worth of use, the louder (better?) it got. Hard to fault it for
everyday use.

I now have a big bore ( 2" ) LCB Maniflow header, (which has to be the
header of all headers), and a custom-built stainless 2" pipe back to a
straight-through double exit Magnaflow stainless "muffler". This is a
bad-ass system that flows without restriction but which also makes a little
too much noise. I am going to have a resonator installed just downstream of
the header collector to add a little peace and quiet to the cockpit.

 Lots of satisfaction in building up your own system, but for everyday use,
I would highly recommend the ANSA system.

Dave Munroe

> Anyone have any preference or good/bad experiences with different header &
> exhaust combinations? The DPO removed the cat-con on my 78'B and did a
> halfa#* job of using some spare piping as a replacement. Several leaks
> evident and were sooting up my air filter (hence one of the contributing
> factors in my carb problems I mentioned last week.). So I was thinking of
> going ahead and replacing the header and the entire exhaust system and
> wanted some input before I started.

> Greg Bass
>  78 'B

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