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Re: Cars with names

Subject: Re: Cars with names
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 11:07:02 EDT
In a message dated 19/04/01 7:41:25 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

>    A quick observation; The world seems to be divided into
> two types of people, those who name their cars and those
> who don't.  In my tender 50 years, I have owned probably
> 40+ cars and have NEVER named any of them.  

Yep - and I'm on your side - cars are not people and need no such affectation 
as cute names to be enjoyable for me. I'll let you in on another observation 
though - having been through this same discussion on other groups, I'd warn 
you that the OTHER sort of person - the one that has to name his MGB 'Susan' 
or some such, has been known to take grave exception to any suggestion that 
such behaviour on his/her part is open to comment, much less crititcism.

So any suggestion that the 'Namers' need to get a life, warm animal, doll, 
spouse, whatever, as an outlet for whatever urge makes them name their cars, 
may be met with accusations that you are a heartless bastard, run over small 
(cute) animals on purpose (we don't of course - those little blighters can 
puncture a tire quick as you can say "Meow-squish"), or are a secret Triumph 

You have been warned!

Bill S.
(12 cars, all bereft of precious cognomens)

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