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RE: Cars with names

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Subject: RE: Cars with names
From: "Gordon Bird" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 21:42:35 -0400
> >    A quick observation; The world seems to be divided into
> > two types of people, those who name their cars and those
> > who don't.  In my tender 50 years, I have owned probably
> > 40+ cars and have NEVER named any of them.
> Yep - and I'm on your side - cars are not people and need no such
> affectation
> as cute names to be enjoyable for me. I'll let you in on another
> observation
> though - having been through this same discussion on other
> groups, I'd warn
> you that the OTHER sort of person - the one that has to name his
> MGB 'Susan'
> or some such, has been known to take grave exception to any
> suggestion that
> such behaviour on his/her part is open to comment, much less crititcism.

I've never named any, but I did honor those I inherited (bought?) that had a
name.  Two come to mind, a little MGA, 59 I believe, named Aristotle, (gawd
knows why) and a 63 Tempest convertible named Hermus (for some reason, that
Wife tried to name the 80 B we bought new, but when we ended up having to
sell it (family and all, she wouldn't sell the kid) she dropped the car name
game.  Never gone back since!

Safety Fast!
Gordie Bird
'62 MGA
'80 MGB LE
'86 Audi 4kq

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