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Re: Brake lights!

To: swillis <>
Subject: Re: Brake lights!
From: Bullwinkle <>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 23:04:46 -0600

Current for the brakes lights comes from the regulator, through
the ignition switch, through one of the fuses and to the stop
lights.  If the windshield wiper, fuel gauge, heater blower, and
the turn signals all don't work, then its most likely the fuse. 
If every thing works except the brake lights, then the problem
lies with the stop lamp switch, or the green wire which come from
the fuse block to the stop lamp switch, and then to the lights.

Unscrew the wires from the switch and twist them together.  If
the lights come on when the ignition switch is turned on, then
the switch is bad.  On the twin cam the brake light switch is on
the four way splitter mounted on the frame on the right side of
the car.  I believe this is the same position for all MGAs.


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