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Re: So what have you found in yours?

To: "Tab Julius" <>, "S & M Barnes"
Subject: Re: So what have you found in yours?
From: "Eddie Sheffield" <>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 23:50:04 -0400
Well, I've found a number of acorns in the heater of my Midget since I
bought it last September. Glad I didn't find any in the engine, though!

When I bought my '91 Dodge Dakota new, I had it less than a week and I found
hickory nuts on the intake manifold. And I had been driving it - little
buggers moved in quick!

And a Dodge Omni I had that I was also driving heavily got mice in the glove
box - ate about half of my registration. Kept wondering what a cop would
think if I got pulled over. :-)

A car doesn't need to be parked long to get infested!

1971 Midget

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> I found acorns and such in the air filter of my Toyota....  #)($#*
> squirrels.... ! :)
> 'Course it's better than the black widow spider infestation that lady on
> Car Talk reported!
> At 04:52 PM 4/20/01 -0500, S & M Barnes wrote:
> >In my case, acorns in the engine!
> >
> >While cleaning and checking the engine and radiator I found an acorn
under the
> >thermostat and I have just flushed two more out of the radiator!
> >
> >Insects, spiders and rust I expect to find on and in MGs but acorns?????
> >
> >I guess at sometime a PO left part of the cooling system open for long
> >for a squirrel to find it and hide some winter food in it.
> >
> >Sorry for the waste of bandwidth but I couldn't resist sharing this!
> >
> >MikeB
> >
> >May-B, the 1965 MGB under rapid reconstruction.

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