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Re: SU fuel pump

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Subject: Re: SU fuel pump
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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 19:28:48 +0100
IMHO if you get a solid-state and that packs up you will not get it going
again by tapping it.  My V8 has one and it did start playing up (short
pumping) so now I carry a points-type as a spare.  You should be able to
clean up the points on your existing one, if that is the problem, although
it shouldn't really be that after such a short time.  Could be you have a
bad connection either to or in the pump which is causing low voltage and
weak pumping.


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Subject: SU fuel pump

> Ok, this is an old story. Fuel pump on car going south. The pump is less
> than 1 Year and 4k old. It is Pos ground for 67 B.
> Should I go the extra stretch
> and get the solid state unit or just get another regular unit.

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