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bodywork references for Boston/New England area

Subject: bodywork references for Boston/New England area
From: Josef Kurtz <>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 13:08:36 -0400 (EDT)
Hello list!  It has been awhile, and I have tried to lurk as often as
possible, but good news may be coming soon (a la tax refund) and I am
thinking about finally having some body restoration work done on my '79B.

It has been through 7 or 8 New Englan winters, daily driver for some, but
parked outside for all of them.  (And before anyone cringes at this
statement, not only was I a poor undergraduate, but I am still a poor
graduate student, so garages are kinda out of reach financially:)  But, I
have a wife who has a real job now, and must love me dearly, because she
said to start looking into it so that maybe for graduation in June 2002
we can go in style!

What I am curious about is whether anyone has any leads, references,
contacts with people who are experienced in doing MGB body work.  My guess
is that the rockers/sills/etc will need to be replaced, as will other
hidden and rusted parts.  Preferrably Boston, but anywhere in New England
will work as well.  The cars engine is strong, so I can actually drive it
around (shockingly...)

Also, has anyone got any good suggestions for "winter-proofing" an MGB, so
that it may stand a better chance surviving salts, snow, etc?  Has Moss
come out with titanium undercarriages yet?  

Any and all help will be appreciated, and I look forward to possibly
having a car that I can jack up without the fear of it cracking in half

Joe Kurtz
1979 B "Nikki"

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