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Too late to Learn (was Re: 5th Annual)

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Subject: Too late to Learn (was Re: 5th Annual)
From: "Wil Boucher" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 10:42:08 -0700
I have to concur with the never too late to learn...

I am 32, I have had my 69B for about 8 months now. I bought it running, but
just barely. Previous to this I have absolutely NO car mechanical experience
(computer jockey by profession). I have, (with the help of an experienced MG
mech. completely rebuilt the Brake system, Exhaust Systems, and installed a
replacement engine. The past four days, I have taken on my first Solo
project, Carb rebuild. Yeah, I know, you experienced mechs out there are
saying  "It's taking you four days to rebuild your carbs?" Taking it slow to
get it right. I have learned a TON of stuff from just taking my time and
looking at how things fit together and what moves what, I really UNDERSTAND
how the SU carburetor works now, which I don't think I ever would have if I
didn't take it apart for myself.

It's never too late to learn, read as much as you can about the project you
are about to undertake, Make a friend at your club who has lot's of
experience that you can call if you need to, and this list is an invaluable
resource. The Pride you will feel when driving down the road, and people are
looking at your hot little MG, and you know that YOU have played a major
part in building what your car is to become is well worth getting your hands
dirty, and getting over the intimidation. There are so many people on this
list and in clubs that are willing to help that even if you completely screw
something up, it is recoverable...

Deep breath, read read read, and get your hands dirty.

Wil Boucher
'69 MGB (progressing slowly but nicely :-)

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> > That being the case, I
> > sadly don't know how to work on a car, and if it weren't for my love of
> > driving my MG, and the pride of ownership, I doubt I would own one.
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> Well, Tom, it's never too late to learn.  If you don't have the time to
> an auto mechanics course at a local tech school, get to the book store and
> start reading.  Then, start with simple stuff like oil changes, plug
> replacement, valve adjusting, etc.  Doing the normal maintenance on your
> will give you the confidence to try repairs when they become necessary.

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