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Re: MGTD Oil Quanity

To: Mike Razor <>
Subject: Re: MGTD Oil Quanity
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 18:48:51 -0400

     Strikes me that you've been involved with TD's for quite a while now.  How
come you're just now asking?  But, with that set aside, here's a bit of info
straight out of the "MG Midget (Series "TD" and "TF") Workshop Manual (you do
have one, don't you?):


Sump   .........  9 pints (10.8 U.S. pints; 5.1 litres); from Engine No. 14948,
                      (12.6 U.S. pints; 5.96 litres)

So, the 1 1/8 gallons would match up with the Imperial units.

Make sure you know which sump you have, a '52 can have either one.

Mike Razor wrote:

> Here is one of those "you should know that" questions that may upset
> some of you.  Here it is anyway:
> How much oil does one put in a 1952 MGTD.  Got an owner's manual that
> states 1 and 1/8 gallons.  Now is that US or Imperial.  I am guessing
> Imperial, so in quarts how many would that be.

Bud Krueger

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