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Re: Gas Prices

To: "Charley & Peggy Robinson" <>,
Subject: Re: Gas Prices
From: Jeremy Anthony Kinsey <>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 23:23:06 -0500
Charley & Peggy Robinson said

>  Well, it's awfully interesting to me.  I just watched Sen. Barbara
>Boxer of CA shilling for the Republican Energy Committe Chairman in
>relating the increase in the price of gas in the USA to the fact that
>the oil companies aren't allowed to drill wells in the Arctic Wildlife
>Refuge.  As if that drives up the price of the gas we burn in our LBCs. 
>Gas prices ALWAYS rise in the USA in the summer.  It's a gouge that hits
>us every year in the travel season.

>  President Bush is an oil man.  He'd
>drill throught Mother Theresa's grave for oil.
As would I.  There is a lot of merit in what you say, but ultimately 
there is a large energy crisis in the US, and it relates directly to the 
fact that environmental nuts have kept us from getting the energy we 

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