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Re: Gas Prices

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Subject: Re: Gas Prices
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 09:48:03 -0700
Ha ha. There was an item in the SF Chronicle this weekend. Regular unleaded
averages $2.03 in SF... premium is $2.21... for some reason places like
Boston and Billings MT are 50" cheaper. I know we have a lot of taxes, and a
specific formulation for CA, but really -- you can actually see refineries
across the bay from SF (on a clear day...) -- can you say that about Boston
or Billings? It's obviously a big rip, but just as obviously this
administration is not going to do a thing about it (in fact, is profiting
enormously from it). Good luck.

on 4/25/01 6:46 PM, Carl Elliott at wrote:

> Last year gas outs were tried to bring down the cost of gas. This year
> there is a move to just boycott the two major companies as they are now
> One, and just announced that their profits were up 51 % over last years
> at some seven Billion plus dollars, Yet there is a need for higher
> prices. The Idea is to stop buying from Mobil and Exxon. thus forcing
> them to lower there prices and the industry will follow. so use the
> local independent and avoid the big two. Seems like a fair Idea. Carl E.


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