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Flashers (NSC

To: Charley & Peggy Robinson <>,
Subject: Flashers (NSC
From: "R. O. Lindsay" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 08:57:25 -0500
Hi Gang,
  I need info about flashers -- the "car type" hence, the No Sexual
Content in the "Re. line."   Here's the question;
   Are the turn signal and hazard light flashers used in a '70 B-GT
easily cross-referenced to common auto parts store stock?  My turn
signal flasher is the little 'can' clipped under the dash and looks like
most other flashers from US cars of that era.  The hazard flasher
is a little rectangular thing plugged into the back of a three contact
jack behind the hazard switch and light.  Again, the circuit is very
simple.  My flashers are rusty inside and rattle when shaken. :-[
   So I once again bow to the wisdom of the list; Can you tell me
if there are simple, easy replacements for these parts that I should
be able to obtain at the local shop?  And if so, any numbers that I
should know?

Thanks all,


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