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Totally Dead TD

To: <>
Subject: Totally Dead TD
From: "Mike Razor" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 10:13:19 -0400
Put it all back together and still won't start.  Took cap off cranked
engine and did not see any spark at the points.   The small wire that
comes off one of the leads on the coil is hot, accidentally brush it
against some metal putting it back on and had forgotten to turn the
key off.  Looks like no power is getting to the points.  I have not
replaced the points, condenser, or plug wires, don't think I need to
replace the wires and got new plugs already.
For those of you still hanging in there with me let me review:
Changed oil
Front carb was leaking and replaced a gasket in it with a jury rigged
gasket and it stopped leaking
Hosed off gasoline from hot manifold
Pulled car off rack and it idled fine, started for the house and it
was running really rough with no true power
Lots of radiator fluid and water on engine, pulled dizzy cap and dizzy
full of water
Found leaky rad hose

#1 Cylinder dead, #2 Cylinder weak spark, 3 and 4 seemed ok
Replaced Plugs. #1 still dead #2 weak and 3 and 4 ok
Removed plate points condenser sit on cleaned out cap and dizzy
reassembled and now nothing works
Let dry overnight and reassemble and nothing works
Getting frustrated, know why good mechs are worth their weight in gold

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