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RE: Gas Prices

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Subject: RE: Gas Prices
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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 11:28:49 -0600
I have a friend that sells millions of gallons of gas a year.  He tells me the 
retail price
of gas has more to do with marketing than his cost.  I know this was also true 
in the 50s
and 60s when my grandfather owned a "service" station.

Larry Hoy

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>Hey, I can look right out my window (here in Billings) and see the Conoco
>refinery, even on a not so clear day. We also have two other refineries
>here (Exxon and Cenex). Thats why we have some of the most expensive gas in
>the area. Drive 100 miles from here and buy the same locally refined gas
>for 10-15 cents cheaper.
>And you probably thought all we had here in Montana were dental floss
>bushes  (<= timely Zappa reference).

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