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Wish us "Luck!"

Subject: Wish us "Luck!"
From: "R. O. Lindsay" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 16:16:47 -0500
Hello Gangs (Ferrari, MG and BMW),
   In case I get busy and forget to tell you tomorrow, which
is possible as I have business guests in from Ecuador, Rod
and I are competing in the SCCA Tulsa Tulip 200k road rallye
this saturday.  Rod is my stunningly good driver and I am his
math-fearing geek navigator.  We are not competing in a
vintage class -- yet.  My ultimate goal and the reasoning for
the vintage class is, of course, to get to wear a pair of white
overalls with spanner pockets all over them like Don Knots
wore in "Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo!"  Oh yes.
   Our event has about 100km of stages in daylight on tarmac
and another 100km of stages at night on gravel roads!  It is
a TDS tulip rallye with a few hidden checkpoints.  Should be
great fun.  Details at:
   We won our last rallye so we're defending the (local) title.
This is also the start of a NEW season so we're hoping for
good points!
   Sadly, NONE of our fun cars are applicable for all of this race
and neither of our rallye cars are going to be ready in time.
We are using Rod's Miata (Can I say that word here?) for the
daylight stages and a Montero on the night stages.  The Miata
just will not clear the ruts and sump-busters on these gravel
roads.  The Ferrari is also out of the question.  Gravel?  Yikes!
The MGB-GT is not finished and we haven't taken possession
of our real vintage rallye car yet -- the 1968 BMW 1602!
   Anyway Gang(s), wish us good luck!

best regards,

rick & rod, the crash test dummies

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