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Gas Issue

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Subject: Gas Issue
From: "Greg Bass" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 08:23:38 -0400
The whole thing IMHO is a non-issue. Why you may ask? Well, because most of
us in the good ol' US of A are not willing to change or give up our daily
driving "priviledges", regardless of the price of gas. We will continue to
pay whatever the station is selling it for, whether that is $1.20, $5.20 or
as one jovial owner here in Atlanta put up on his sign, Reg - $1.79,
Unleaded - Arm, Premium - Leg. Anyway until we as a society decide to change
our commuting habits, all the talk is simply hot air.
No offense meant to anyone, this is simply my opinion.


Greg Bass
Project Specialist
Atlanta Design Associates
3095 Presidential Pkwy, Suite A
Atlanta, GA 30340
office: 770.451.8383

> .  The Bush
> administration is working on drilling on cheap government land so that

>If any of you are paying attention to the facts rather than jumping on
>alarmist viewpoints, it's not about drilling, it's about refinery capacity.
>That said, there is still a lot of gouging going on here.  If they need
>refinerys they should build them.  We have heard about this capacity
>shortfall for several years now.


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