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FW: Now: Black is beautiful - was: Why is it so hard to choose

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Subject: FW: Now: Black is beautiful - was: Why is it so hard to choose
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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 23:36:30 -0400
In response to Chris:

I'm the owner of Black Beauty, the 73 B that was posted here today and that
you can see again at

Here's the voice of actual experience (also now posted on my website):

The pros: Black does NOT show all the imperfections as some people have
said. Black is actually pretty "high hiding", especially on a smaller car
with not many large flat expanse of panels. The hood and deck lid are the
most important areas to keep straight and smooth. Very light colors (such as
white) might be better but there is a trade off in the looks department.

Additionally, I painted my own B (twice) and I can tell you that black is
certainly a much easier color to use to paint with, especially when you are
changing colors as I did. And, I challenge anybody to show me a place on the
car where you can tell I changed colors. I painted EVERYTHING, original
paint removed down to bare metal in most places.

You can touch it up and blend weak areas so easily as compare to other
colors. The only color better for hiding imperfections and touch up
spotting. is white, and I just don't believe that white shows a B off well
enough. If you have to repaint a panel for some reason, with black it is
absolutely undetectable that it has been painted at a different time than
the other panels. With most other colors, other than white, repainting a
panel or spot is oftentimes pretty easy to pick out, especially if a
different batch of paint is used.

A black body color does NOT make an open body vehicle such as my B roadster
any detectibly hotter to drive than any other color. A black/dark interior
does though. That's one reason why I went with the camel/biscuit color
interior in the first place. Black Beauty was originally (mostly) painted
white, with dark navy OEM (almost black) interior. So hot I couldn't sit
sometimes. That's not so much the case with the camel colored interior. ALL
vinyl interior vehicles get hot when sitting in the direct sun with the top
down, even light colors. Dark colors just get hotter. That is simply a law
of nature. And when you have to come directly in contact with it by sitting
on it, well, it gets hot as Hell!

Let me tell you that black (with clear coat) IS strikingly beautiful!!! I
have never seen a B in any color that I think is any prettier. Red and BRG
are very nice and also traditional - but I'll take black any day. Purple,
(Black Tulip), yellow - Yuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!! Not for me on a B. Maybe the
MGB purist might understand the tradition and history of that color, but I
believe that most others not familiar with the B heritage would not think of
those colors as near as good looking as a shiny black lacquer with clear
coat paint job. Why ruin a car with such beautiful and classic lines with an
"off" color, as I believe the masses of non-MGB people would view it? My
right front fender was the Blue Royale color for a few months, and at first
I considered that color too. After awhile though, it gets old - and "too
bright", especially when the rest of the car was white (and painted with a
brush). I'm thrilled with my Black Beauty and its color.

I was in the car business for 27 years up until ten years ago and I can tell
you that, for value, ANY knowledgeable automobile professional, especially
those experienced with classics and special interest vehicles, would rather
have a black/clear coat lacquer job on a car like this than some of the
"bright" colors mentioned here.

The cons: Harder to keep buffed to a shine so that minor surface scratches
don't show so much. Got to polish it regular. Not really too serious of a
problem though - and an acceptable trade of to the stunning look of my Black
Beauty. I would polish ANY color regularly on this car. Also, I only drive a
couple of thousand miles a year. I guess if it was a daily driver I might
look at it a little differently. Harder to keep it clean too - BUT my B is
so small, it doesn't take much to spiffy it up and I'd wash any color more
regularly anyhow on this car.

A black interior with black body WOULD look great too! I wouldn't object to
that at all. I just chose camel for myself.

Just IMHO.

73 B Black Beauty

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When I wrote that email I expected a certain response from the list. I
expected "Who cares if alot of people do Tartan Red, go for it it looks
good", a few comments like a friend of mine made "British Racing Green is
the only logical choice", and a few "Go back to the original factory

I got that. But what I didnt expect was that when the votes were tallied in
this highly unscientific poll that the clear winner would be Purple. Black
Tulip, as it were. I have had six separate people on this list recommend
Black Tulip both on the list and privately.

Nor did I expect the clear second to be Primrose Yellow. I've got four votes
for that. The rest of the 15-20 emails I've gotten in te last 8 hours were a
BRG here, a Red there, but no clear cut winner among them.

So the general concensus, granted over only 8 hours, and the people on the
west coast of the US dont even arrive home to read email for another hour,

1) Black Tulip.
2) Primrose Yellow.
3) Blue Royale with Stripes or even flames. :)
4) Black upholstery isnt any hotter in a convertible than beige on a sunny
5) Black paint on a car with no roof is no hotter for the driver than any
   other color.
6) Yes, I'm overthinking this whole thing but dont worry, alot of people
   go through this. :)


P.S. - I'm not sure I could drive a purple car. Although if I ever saw Black
Tulip or the other close one which I believe is Aconite, up close, I might
change my mind.

P.P.S - The interior is going to be black.

P.P.P.S - I'm leaning ever more towards Blue Royale.

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