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Tachometers, gauges and Peter, Oh my!

To: Richard Spurling <>
Subject: Tachometers, gauges and Peter, Oh my!
From: "R. O. Lindsay" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 08:42:26 -0500
Hello Gang,
   I know there are a number of good parts suppliers who are
members of this list and I don't want to slight any of them.
However, I DO want to pass along an accolade for a GREAT
parts supplier who has helped me yet again, Mr. Peter Caldwell
at World Wide Auto Parts.
  I am restoring a '70 B-GT that has been under water.  It has
damage in places where I didn't know there were places!  Yet,
Peter has helped me source new, used, NLA and NOS parts for
this car.  Best yet, the parts are on my front porch no more
than 48 hours after ordering them!  Who could ask for a better
'parts guy'?  Okay, sappy mode off.
   Last evening I arrived home to find a 'brand old tachometer'
on my door step.  It was dirty and had a little paint on the
face BUT, it worked!  I carefully disassembled the unit, cleaned
the working components and put them into my newly restored
case and Voila!, a new-looking, working tachometer! An hour
later I was buttoning up the dash and acting all smug while
admiring my work.
   These cars really are great stress relieving projects.  I mean,
after a smegging awful day at work, one can come home, admire
a few sheet metal curves, pull a few wrenches and forget all about
the stress and strain of the work-a-day world.  Good stuff!

   Also thanks to all for the words of encouragement regarding
our rallye this weekend.  The 100km of night stages on gravel
country roads will be a really tough, brown trouser evening!

Rick Lindsay

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