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Distributors & Colours

To: "mgs" <>
Subject: Distributors & Colours
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 18:19:01 +0100
Hi all,

Chris - I have a Black Tulip V8 and the Colour isn't really like any Purple
you'd expect. Pics are on my website under /mgstuff/v8/ Unfortunately with
Black Tulip all pics I've ever seen on the web end up looking more like
black. Some of the new Mercs have a colour that is very similar, you see it
a lot on CLK's and such.

Now my car was originally Aconite, the colour is still under the dash. It is
(not wanting to offend Aconite owners) _very purple almost pink in
comparison. I could live with Black Tulip but Aconite I'm not so sure. It's
all personal preference of course. My car has an Autumn leaf interior and
with Black Tulip it does look 70's - and I imagine even more so with Aconite
it would look very very 70's  - very Austin Powers. <G> In fact my
girlfriend and I went to a 70's party the other night all dressed up and in
our 'Purple' V8, you should have seen the looks we got from people at bus
stops and in other cars etc. <VBG>

As for distributors. I had a Mallory Dual point in my V8, it worked very
well, then I switched back to my Lucas Unit and fitted a Lumenition
Performance Ignition. This installs very easily and is very good quality.
This system has a variable dwell feature which adjusts the dwell depending
on RPM to give you an optimally charged coil. You can also easily fit a rev
limiter to it as I did, even expand it to a fully programmable ignition with
the centrifugal advance locked out in the dizzy but that is pricey. I guess
if you have a Lucas dizzy this system is probably the best bet compatibility
wise as for one it's English.

74 B GT V8 / 68 C GT / 61 A 1600 / 56 AH 100 BN2
"The fundamental problem with Computer programming is just about everything
else in life is MUCH more interesting!"

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