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Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 13:33:20 -0500
Thanks for the reply's.. I have a manual and yes I've been studying it since I
started having trouble.  Someone asked if I had a clutch for the fan.  I am
assuming you mean the heavy gauge metal circle that actually attaches to the
water pump and the fan is bolted onto it.  If so yes.  Other than that I
nothing else except the old tolerance ring, which I'm ordering a new one.
Also asked if the electric fan was original.  No it is an add on.  I was the
only fan on the car when I bought it.  I had a thought last night about the
turn signal.  When I bought the car, with the hazards light switch on only the
right signal would come on.  Now that is the same signal giving me trouble
now.  I don't have the hazard switch hooked up at he moment account I don't
have the center console back in the car after the new interior.  I'm going to
continue looking for problems and trying to read up and figure this out.  This
is why I bought the car so I could learn and build confidence.  As for my
location.  I live in south west MO,  Springfield, Mo to be exact.  thanks
again for you help.

79 midget

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