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Re: LBC Swap meet/show-Ohio

Subject: Re: LBC Swap meet/show-Ohio
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 15:37:32 EDT

Here is the scoop for you on the show and you can check their website for all 
the info too.

In two weeks you will find us at the Northeast Ohio Austin Healey Club Swap 
Meet and Car Show.  Jan and I have attended for the past three years now and 
it is a great show so if you can make it we would love to see you there.  We 
go to this one not only as a vendor but as a participant too as they have a 
great rallye on Saturday and each year you can expect some surprises.  Over 
300 British Cars attend the car show on Sunday and there are tons of vendors 
to visit.  For more information visit the Club Website at or call Jack Ackers at 1-800-334-6566/FAX 
330-336-2075 for more information.  The dates of the show are Saturday and 
Sunday, May 5th and 6th!  They have a new location this year so please make 
sure you get the information if you need it.

Best regards,

Jeff Zorn
Little British Car Co., Ltd.
Visit us on the web

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 Hi Listers,  Im looking for dates location for a British car Awap meet and
 show usually near I-80 Richfield OH, South of Cleveland.  I believe its the
 first or second week of May sponsored by an AH club.  Any one know of the
 details?  I have been before and it was reallly good event.   TIA glenn
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