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BOG 2001

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Subject: BOG 2001
From: Paul Tegler <>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 18:22:37 -0400
Well just got back from the British on the Green
show at Woodlawn, in Mt. Vernon VA.
BEAUTIFUL weather. beautiful cars.  Quite a
sun burn.

Congrats Biff J.   for taking first (as usual)
with me taking second for Spridget class.
Hope Gail's camera use turned out OK  :-)

Some very nice TR-6's ...only one roundtail
GT6 showed up (if the owner is on the list, please
contact me about your triple Weber config. It's
photos will be up on the DCOE pages shortly

Some gorgeous Mini's,  and my favorites.... 2
1947 TC's.

Got a few 'color shots' for the color pages...(both
MG and Triumph updates are forthcoming.)

Even got a very nice shot of Jasmine (on a TR-250)
and another 'gray' still not sure of the name of shade
(neither was the owner sure)

To all the winners...congrats

Hey Dan D. That cam really sounds terrible!
I hope it doesn't screw up all that new engine work!

Paul Tegler

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