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MGB Purchase Advice

Subject: MGB Purchase Advice
From: ronking <>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 14:07:04 -0700
I found an MGB for sale and wanted to get opinions from the list as to
whether the group thought it was a "good buy" or not.

First off, I've been a lurker on this list for over a year now, and have
been trying to keep up with all the tips, tricks, and suggestions people
have posted.  I used to own a 1965 MGB quite a long time ago (read +20
years), and was recently "born again".

Anyway, get to the fact sheet:

   * 1970 MGB, not running but mostly complete including engine, trans,
     and rear axle; basically a rolling chassis. No, it doesn't have
   * Wire wheels in good shape including spare; don't have a clue as to
   * Body exceptionally straight, however front sheet metal (i.e. area
     around the radiator support) and front pan pretty bent up.  Car was
     definitely in some kind of front end accident but doesn't appear
     too totaled
   * Some minor outer body rust, however floorpans definitely gone, and
     looks like some serious rust in the bulkhead area around the master
   * No title
   * Car sat out for over 15 years, but supposedly was tarped.
   * Car has spent all its life in California

That's pretty much the basics.  I've got digital pictures and can
forward to anyone who wants more information.  They pretty much tell the

Now, the most important part, I can probably get the car for less than
$500.  I know, you folks are probably thinking "What a dope.  Get back
there, write the guy a check, and never look back".  I guess I'd just
feel better if I got a group consensus.

TIA to all who take the time to respond.

Ron King
Hopefully, soon to be an MGB Owner (Again)

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