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Re: Chronic Electrical Discharge

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Subject: Re: Chronic Electrical Discharge
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Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 10:57:46 -0400
Put a voltmeter on the batt while motor running and make sure the
charging is working in situ. Do a continuity test on the ign
switch (or make sure you got zero voltage at the coil with the
switch off)

OTW, somewhere you have a failing component or another switch. Or
a hot wire partially/intermittently grounded not enough to blow
the fuse. Put an ammeter in series between the batt cable and batt
post. A multimeter (direct DC selection) might handle the current
if very small, but be careful not to overload the specified max

If you have discharge there should be a reading. (without ammeter,
you might detect a small spark when touching the post). If so,
then start disconnecting (isolating) various electrical subsystems
till the discharge disappears.

Mike L

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Subject: Chronic Electrical Discharge

> My brother-in-law is a recent new owner of a nice little '71 MGB
> roadster. DPO told him at purchase that the car had a chronic
> with battery discharge over time. Since purchase, b-i-l has
corrected a
> loose connection of the brown wire at the alternator which was
> suspected problem site. He has also installed a new battery and
had the
> alternator tested. It is charging properly. The ignition light
goes off
> within a few seconds after cranking as normal. I belive that
this car is
> does not have the old type voltage regulator.
> He is ready to shoot the car or sell it since it strands him at
> inopportune times. He has obviously not learned the trick of all
> owners, that is to park on an incline. Can anybody suggest to
him places
> to look for faults or slow trickle leaks or how to procede with
> diagnosis? Thanks in advance.
> If the problem is not correctable, I'll make him a nice low
> Bill Snyder
> '66 MGB
> '72 MGB-GT

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